Who maintains this web site?

This web site was created and is maintained by a team of researchers, who investigates the software monocultures and software diversity on the web.

The site is hosted at Inria

What is the purpose of this web site?

Inform users about their position within the web ecosystem

With this web site, we aim at providing users with some basic information about their configuration and how trackable it is. We also want to exploit the data we collect to advise users about how they can be more similar to others and thus be less trackable.

Investigate the diversity of fingerprints

The research question we investigate is: how can we automatically reconfigure a user's platform to fuzz the device fingerprint in a realistic manner? The degree of realism is important to prevent users of our solution to be detected as such. The collection of a large base of real fingerprints will allow us to tune our solution towards platforms that are as different as possible yet not distinguishable as "strange" configurations.