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The following informations reveal your OS, browser, browser version as well as your timezone and preferred language. Moreover, we show the proportion of users sharing the same elements.


All time : 1.92%
30 days : 1.71%


All time : 1.18%
30 days : 0.01%

Version undefined

All time : 1.18%
30 days : 0.01%


All time : 15.20%
30 days : 33.99%


All time : 76.08%
30 days : 80.58%

HTTP headers attributes
AttributeSimilarity ratioValue
All time30 days
User agent<0.01<0.01CCBot/2.0 (
Content encoding<0.010.03%br,gzip
Content language30.07%40.61%en-US,en;q=0.5
Javascript attributes
AttributeSimilarity ratioValue
All time30 days
User agent15.20%33.99%No JS
Platform15.20%33.99%No JS
Cookies enabled15.20%33.99%No JS
Timezone15.20%33.99%No JS
Content language15.20%33.99%No JS
Canvas15.01%33.99%No JS
List of fonts (JS)15.01%33.99%No JS
Use of Adblock15.20%33.99%
Do Not Track15.20%33.99%No JS
Navigator properties
BuildID15.20%33.99%No JS
Product13.70%33.99%No JS
Product sub13.70%33.99%No JS
Vendor13.70%33.99%No JS
Vendor sub13.70%33.99%No JS
Hardware concurrency13.70%33.99%No JS
Java enabled13.70%33.99%No JS
Device memory13.70%33.99%No JS
List of plugins15.20%33.99%No JS
Screen width15.20%33.99%No JS
Screen height15.20%33.99%No JS
Screen depth15.20%33.99%No JS
Screen available top15.20%33.99%No JS
Screen available Left15.20%33.99%No JS
Screen available Height15.20%33.99%No JS
Screen available width15.20%33.99%No JS
Screen left15.20%33.99%No JS
Screen top15.20%33.99%No JS
Permissions13.51%33.99%No JS
WebGL Vendor15.20%33.99%No JS
WebGL Renderer15.20%33.99%No JS
WebGL Data15.01%33.99%No JS
WebGL Parameters 15.01%33.99%No JS
Use of local storage15.20%33.99%No JS
Use of session storage15.20%33.99%No JS
Use of IndexedDB 13.70%33.99%No JS
Audio formats13.51%33.99%No JS
Audio context13.51%33.99%No JS
Frequency analyser13.51%33.99%No JS
Audio data13.51%33.99%No JS
Video formats15.20%33.99%No JS
Media devices13.70%33.99%No JS
Accelerometer13.70%33.99%No JS
Gyroscope13.70%33.99%No JS
Proximity sensor13.70%33.99%No JS
Keyboard layout13.51%33.99%No JS
Battery13.51%33.99%No JS
Connection13.51%33.99%No JS
key13.70%33.99%No JS
Location bar13.70%33.99%No JS
Menu bar
Personal bar13.70%33.99%No JS
Status bar13.70%33.99%No JS
Tool bar13.70%33.99%No JS
Result state13.70%33.99%No JS
List of fonts (Flash)15.01%33.99%No JS
Screen resolution (Flash)15.20%33.99%No JS
Language (Flash)15.20%33.99%No JS
Platform (Flash)15.20%33.99%No JS